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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  August 2, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzulo. 8:00 a.m. on saturday. thanks for joining us. we're going to start you off with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. just a glimpse of the sun here trying to burn through the low clouds and fog from our sutro tower camera it's having a tough time right now. as we go through the next couple of hours, we should see a partly cloudy sky by 11:00 downtown. 57 in novato right now, it's 58 in fairfield. and we have partly cloudy skies for concord and livermore and looking at the clouds, all the way down the central coast. we'll look for temperatures today to be slightly cooler, the onshore flow allowing for the cooldown around the bay. more significant cooling comes our way the second half of the weekend. so we will look for temperatures well into the 90s once again
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this afternoon inland. mid 80s around the bay. san francisco about 66. katie. right now we have breaking news out of san jose. police are investigating a deadly shooting, it happened near monterey road and evening view drive before 1:40 this morning. police found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. they say he died a short time later. his identity has not been released and police have not arrested any suspects. the shooting is san jose's 23rd homicide of the year. developing news out of oakland, police are investigating after a 13-year-old girl was shot. our media partner, the oakland "tribune" reports the shooting around 9:15 last night outside of a liquor store on foothill boulevard. police say the girl was inside the store buying candy when shots were fired. she was taken to the hospital in stable condition. no arrests have been made there. at least 40 people are recovering after being injured in two separate accidents involving muni.
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they happened yesterday within minutes of each other. first on gearry near japantown and the second one on third street in the bayview. sergio quintana has details from san francisco general hospital. >> a shattered window and the crumpled face of a bus. the passengers aboard the usually busy 38 geary route describe the kwai chaos when it crashed into a tractor-trailer truck while trying to avoid a dump truck. >> we felt a jerk on the bus and it caught us offguard. and then people started kreemg. >> he didn't want to be identified, but said some riders were thrown on the floor. eight people were treated on scene. another 12 were rushed to local hospitals and another muni crash, this one involving a light rail vehicle at third and innes streets in the bayview. >> we felt a pick brake and then saw the glass shatter on the side. >> the muni was very crowded and all we heard was a loud noise and then impact. everybody just shook. it rocked like an earthquake or something. >> police say a tractor-trailer truck was making a left turn,
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this sign clearly shows that's not allowed. and the second major incident, 20 people were hurt. 11 needed to be rushed to local hospitals. nine others were treated, tagged after a field examine and released. >> i'm not hurting that bad. but it was a bad shock. you know. i'm shook up. you see i can't even talk right now. >> one passenger said he decided to have a friend drive him to general hospital, because the scene was so hectic. >> people were going crazy you know whey mean? everybody, i'm hurt, hollering. i just shut down, man. >> police are still investigating both crashes, no citations have been issued, sergio quintana, abc7 news. another problem in the south bay with a bus, sara sent thus photo of an eta bus caught on fire yesterday afternoon on the side of highway 101 in south san jose. a fire broke out in the bus at 3:00 p.m. the fire also scorched some
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nearby grass. the vehicle was being driven to the bus yard. so there were not any passengers on board at the time. and the driver was not hurt. a man suspected of stabbing his father has been taken into custody following a nearly 7-year standoff in sonoma. hector vasquez is suspected of stabbing his father multiple times in the torso and barricading himself in his home on mission drive yesterday 6:00 p.m. the victim was taken to hospital with injuries nonlife-threatening. a potentially hazardous situation at a san mateo park. there is raw sewage in the creek and people are being asked to stay away from the water. it turns out that city conducted tests, but didn't detect it at first. abc7 news reporter elista herrington has details from laurelwood park. >> the first thing you'll probably notice walking through san mateo's laurelwood park is the smell. >> it smells kind of like old
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aquarium water. >> i made assumption it was a dead animal, dead deer or something. >> we went a few hundred yards and the smell was so bad we had to turn around. >> deputy director of the city's environmental services team said they got calls about the unpleasant odor on wednesday. they tested the water and found nothing, they went back. >> the crews confirmed there was sewage surfacing there. >> so was the first test done wrong? >> i don't think so. the testing that we do is we test for ammonia and dissolved oxygen and different things, it's often hard to detect raw sewage because raw sewage is primarily made up of water. >> says there might not have been enough sewage in the creek to be detected initially. but some people i talk to are not convinced. >> it smells really terrible for the last really month or so. some kids were playing and they didn't wash their hands or drink it? >> crews with the city's department of public works have been posting signs like this one all over the park warning people to stay away from the water.
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the broken pipe is located three-quarters of a mile away from the park. north of highway 92 at hillsdale boulevard. sewage drifted downstream. crews spent the afternoon working to contain the leak and divert the sewage back into its proper system. and if all goes according to plan, the warnings should be lifted early next week. in san mateo, alyssa herrington, abc7 news. a judgment has been issued against the company responsible for dumping nearly 400 gallons of jet fuel near a water treatment plant at sfo in 2012. aircraft service international will pay nearly $79,000 for violating environmental protection and fire code laws. the civil complaint alleged two workers who were not adequately trained to handle jet fuel made an unauthorized dump that contaminated the meadow leon water treatment plant. richmond police chased down a man wanted on a $10 million warrant yesterday and we caught the arrest on video. our emeryville camera shows
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several patrol cars surrounding the system on highway 80 in berkeley yesterday. the suspect got out, ran from the car with his hands up and surrendered. three women in the car were arrested. richmond police handed him over to san francisco police, he's wanted for murder. an oakland woman has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for leaving her 2-year-old and 3-year-old daughters inside a hot car while gambling inside a livermore casino. 37-year-old faylee winnette pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a child. surveillance video from july 20th shows her gambling for half an hour before spotting an officer holding one of her children. her sentencing includes three years probation, her children are now in protective custody. an iraq war veteran who was severely injured during an occupy protest is angry that a an oakland police officer involved in the incident has been reinstated in 2011 scott
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olden was hit in the head with a lead-filled bean bag that caused permanent brain damage. oakland police officer threw a flashbag at people trying to help the veteran. on youtube yesterday olsen criticized roach's actions that night as well as history with opd which includes three fatal shootings. >> opd has brought a serial killer back to the force in that act has let officers know they can kill people, and cost their city millions at the expense of the people of oakland. >> roach's lawyer told our media partn partner, the contra costa times, that an independent sr. investigator determined that roach was unaware that olsen was on the ground. happening today, b.a.r.t. will close two platforms at the daley city station for maintenance, the closure will last today and tomorrow and b.a.r.t. will only use one track
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between balboa park and komen station. crews will be replacing platform tiles and doing work on the elevators and escalators. b.a.r.t. passengers passing through daly city should expect delays. tonight levi stadium will host its first-ever sporting event. the san jose earthquakes will hoelt host the seattle sounders of major league soccer. 70,000 fans are expected. that means traffic could be a headache, but there are thousands of employees helping to direct fans to their designated lots. stadium officials spent weeks planning for today and they say they're ready for anything. >> i think we have everything covered. but until you actually have people in the building, and coming down to the area, you don't know for certain. one thing we do know is what we've designed is highly flexible. you can check out an online tutorial showing the best ways to get in and out of the stadium. a link to that on our website,
8:10 am we've got to test it for the first time, the first time. >> right. that makes perfect sense. good morning, everyone. we are looking at a pretty foggy start out there. not only in san francisco, but across the bay. exploratorium camera, numbers in the mid 50s here. it is cooler for most everyone this morning. and that will translate into a cooler afternoon. and certainly a cooler weekend. the details are coming right up. also next, a man and his dog run for their lives to escape a pack of wild animals. and it happened in a place where you would least expect it. >> an oakland woman accuses a rental car company for charging her for rental insurance she declined. the fight to get a refund, 7 on your side is coming up.
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welcome back, everyone, it is 8:13 on your saturday morning, we're so glad you're with us. take a look, a live picture from the golden gate bridge. can you see the low clouds covering the stands. but it will be in the low 60s later. 50s now and the fog that you see. celebration of music to honor a young and talented bay area girl who was murdered. ♪ ♪ >> more than 300 young musicians performed at this year's jenny lind summer youth concert in hay ward last night, abc7 news anchor sheryl jennings hosted the event. it's in its 20th year, honoring a 14-year-old girl who was murdered in her castro valley home in 1994. the jenny lind foundation was
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honored with a congressional commendation from u.s. representative eric southwell. her parents created the foundation in their daughter's name to keep her spirit alive. a growing problem from california's drought. more close encounters in suburbia with thirsty wildlife. a man and his dog had to run for their lives as coyotes closed in on them. >> one man and his dog running scared in suburban burbank, california. here's why. coyotes on the hunt. >> as i was walking, i saw four to five coyotes coming at me and i started pausing. right after that i saw about ten around, coming out, like a horror movie. >> coyote sightings are not uncommon in southern california, but close encounters like this are on the rise. one theory? the severe drought is sending wild animals into human habitat in search of food. and water. >> they're exhibiting strange behavior. very strange behavior.
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predatory. >> wildlife and urban sprawl always make awkward bed fellows, we've seen an mountain lien in a santa monica office building, a bobcat that broke into a prison in washington state. now here in malibu, the city is advising residents that animals are being seen more often in the middle of the day, are more aggressive. and can be destructive. the advice? don't leave kids or cats outside unattended. >> if you had heard the screeching noise, it was a -- ooowww of some animal being completely taken apart and eaten. >> even when he waved a shovel, they wouldn't leave. nick watt, abc7 news, los angeles. the hayward fire department will host a community meeting on how to reduce wildlife risk. officials say drought conditions and high temperatures are making for a dangerous wildfire season. they're hosting a planning session to help residents identify potential fire risks and discuss ways they can reduce fuel on their property. today's planning session will be from 10:00 to 12:00 at
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stonebray elementary school in hayward. a pot bust this southern california, two boats loaded with 12,000 pounds of marijuana were seized by the coast guard this week. photos from the stash from the coast guard. the boats responded tuesday, about 180 miles off the coast of san diego. the coast guard says the four suspects on board the boats tried to take off, but were caught and arrested. this morning, facebook is up and running, after a brief worldwide outage. the menlo park company has not said why some people had trouble accessing the site. but it created problems for law enforcement. several people called the l.a. county sheriffs department, prompting this tweet. facebook is not a law enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down. we don't know when facebook will be back up. people, come on. it's a question you get every time you rent a car -- would you like to purchase rental car insurance with that? an oakland woman said she refused it, but was charged for
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insurance, anyway. she called 7 on your side's michael finch, for help. >> lynn of oakland looks over her rental car bill. among the charges, $400 for rental car insurance. she recalls an agent at the firefly rental counter going down a list of insurances she could buy. >> i have insurance. why do i need your extra insurance? >> lynn knew her rental car would be covered under her auto insurance policy. she also had additional coverage from her credit card. jeff driscoll is a senior editor with "consumer reports." >> your credit card provides additional insurance protection for things that your personal insurance may not cover. >> one thing driscoll says many credit cards cover that your personal insurance won't -- is loss of the use of the car. your own insurance will pay for any damage to the rental vehicle. but your credit card may cover any charges from the loss of use while the rental vehicle
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something repaired. each credit card is different, so check with your issuer. lynn says her rental car agent was persistent. >> i said i don't need it. and she said i still have to ask you. anyway. she went through everything and i kept seeing her check, check, check. she signed the acknowledgement, but didn't read it in its entirety. >> they can be long. look at the top part, this is a lot of stuff here. this most of the meat of it is up here. >> driscoll says you have to read the fine print. we contacted the parent company of firefly, it told us by email, we apologize for ms. cole's experience and have reversed the charges for the optional services. >> we are investigating the details of ms. cole's rental al and will conduct additional training with our employees at the location as appropriate. >> oh. you know, i'm, they're
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understanding what's going on and i don't have to pay this, i was grateful. >> firefly says anyone who feels they've been charged inappropriately should notify customer service. for more, go to and click on the sections tab and select 7 on your side. there's information on how to contact me and tell me about any consumer problem you're having. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. this weekend there's a party in oakland. it's the 14th annual art and soul festival. it got into full swing near city hall yesterday or on city hall. you're looking at a dress rehearsal for the vertical dance company, band a loop. the official performance is this afternoon at 3:00. the festival runs through tomorrow. weatherwise, not too blazing hot. several mechanisms working to cool us down. our extended heat wave in the inland valleys is slowly losing
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its grip. not to say we're not going to see warm weather there, we have 90s forecasted. but this morning, two to eight degrees cooler than we were yesterday at this time. and a mile and a half visibility up in the north bay. with about two to three-mile visibility right here along the coast. so the peninsula and parts of the marin coast will enjoy once again the sea breeze and some low clouds and fog lingering. right now from our east bay hills cam remarks you can see height clouds and the marine layer as it sits overhead. as it continues to press on the atmosphere, we have dense fog. gilroy has come up a few degrees, 62, half moon bay, 55 and 61 in san carlos, san jose, at 61 degrees. from our tower cam remarks finally some sunshine here as we begin to evaporate some of the moisture. low 60s with sunny skies, concord and livermore, still cool in santa rosa at 55. with your fog. so i talked about the cooling,
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24 hours ago, you can see it here over our east bay. so we will look for the order of cooling this afternoon. anywhere from about two to four degrees, more significant cooling tomorrow as the sea breeze kicks up an area of low pressure dropping down from the north and west of us and that will enhance our cooldown. exploratorium camera, pretty gray this morning. so a foggy coast and bay, inland cooling more pronounced tomorrow and we'll look for the minor ups and downs to continue right on through this first week of august. so we've got that going for us and we also have a batch of high and mid-level clouds offshore that will rotate through the area today. allow for a mostly sunny sky. but we'll call it partly cloudy, oakland, san francisco, and thunderstorms remain in southern california. and also in the sierra nevada. if you're headed to oakland, wow, what a day. in fact we're going to see temperatures once again in the low to mid 70s. it should be beautiful out there. with numbers even cooler for the second half of your weekend.
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so high temperatures today in the south bay will range from about 83 in sunnyvale, upper 70s, santa cruz and the mid 90s from morgan hill to gilroy. 81 palo alto and 76 in san mateo. really comfortable here, about 80 in menlo park. and in san francisco, a few clouds around, 66. up in the north bay, temperatures still warm, cloverdale and calistoga in the 90s, but petaluma, 82. near east bay, 70s for richmond today, 76 in hercules, and castro valley, 80 degrees. inland it will be warm, but notice we'll see low to mid 90s from pleasanton, to concord. but as you head to the delta, you'll have the delta breeze kicking up. that will allow for temperatures to just be shy of 100 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, shows today the warmest day. more cooling tomorrow bay and inland. the coast stays steady with the seasonal range from the coastlines to our inland valleys through the middle of the week. which features mid 90s and low
8:23 am
80s around the bay. we like to call it stress and let you know how warm it will be in your community by keeping track of bay area weather on twitter. >> stratus quo. forget walking on water, why not bike on it. how this water bicycle works
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welcome back. a bay area entrepreneur is taking his love of cycling from
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the road to the water. mill valley resident judah shiller is showing off his new creation, called a water bike there have been other designs before his, but this one does not use a rudder to steer, it uses two propellers that are controlled by the handlebars, that lets the bike do tight turns and even go backwards. >> you turn on a dime, when you're in a tight space like a boat slip or you know, next to sensitive habitat, you're able to control your direction. >> the shiller x 1 waterbike sells for $6500. while shiller hopes it spur as new sport, he said it can also be used for commuters. he said he has crossed the bay in 35 minutes. a young soccer player from larkspur has taken the surrender to hone her skills and raise money for sick children. she's juggling for jude. bouncing a soccer ball on her shins, alternating legs, hoping to inspire people to pledge money on her website to benefit
8:27 am
st. jude children's research hospital. >> especially kids with cancer. that's really horrible and it's terrible to have that. and i know how hard it is for them and their parents and their whole family. so i think it definitely has changed me to do something really good for somebody else. >> she has raised $14,000. her most consecutive juggles? 326. the young athlete hopes to raise at least $25,000 and work up to 400 consecutive juggles, go to for a link to donate. much more ahead on the abc7 news, an ebola emergency, the first of two americans infected with the deadly virus is flying back to the u.s. how doctors here are preparing to treat the patients. and we're one-on-one with the former head of the fbi in san francisco, how he says his team ultimately tracked down and
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welcome back. it's 8:30 and we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa. >> good morning, take a look at this. liquid movement of the fog, what seems like it, from our east bay hills camera we're getting some sunshine in the south bay and peninsula. but it's going to take some time to clear the city. probably next couple of hours and then it will be partly cloudy. so visibility still reduced in parts of the north bay, the coast, san carlos, good morning, 61. san jose, brightening up at 61. and today more 80s on tap for much of the south bay. the sea breeze kicks up, allowing for 70s across the bay, 60s confined to the shoreline, we'll get out of the triple digits, so not quite as hot with some 90s in our inland valleys. i'll give you all the details and a look at the cooer day tomorrow in a few minutes. new this morning, president
8:31 am
obama is speaking out about the latest u.s. jobs report. according to the bureau of labor statistics, the economy added 209,000 jobs in july. it's a dip from june, but the sixth straight month the number has been above 200,000. this morning president obama says he's taking steps to insure the momentum continues. >> that's what's at stake right now. making sure our economy works for every working american. making sure that people who work hard can get ahead. that's why i've been pushing for common-sense ideas for rebuilding or infrastructure in a way that supports millions of good jobs and helps businesses compete. i've been pushing to raise the minimum wage. that's why i've been pushing for fair pay and paid leave. >> the economy added 1.5 million jobs so far this year. the strongest six-month for hiring since 2006. house republicans scored a victory last night approving a
8:32 am
$695 million border bill before leaving on a five-week recess. the bill is designed to deal with the immigration crisis at the border with mexico and the surge of child immigrants. the house approved a bill that would prevent the obama administration from giving work permits to undocumented immigrants who arrived as children before 2007. that could clear the way for the eventual deportation of more than half a million immigrants. senate majority leader, harry reid, declared the bill dead on arrival. the president said he'll have to act alone to address the immigration crisis because the government is running out of money to deal with it. turning to the crisis in the middle east, israel is hitting dozens of sites in gaza as it continues a massive search for an officer it fears was captured by hamas militants. the israeli military believes second lieutenant was grabbed in a hamas ambush about an hour after an internationally brokered cease-fire took effect yesterday. president obama says israel has
8:33 am
the right to defend itself from attacks from hamas and says the captured soldier must be released. >> we want to make sure that they are listening. if they are serious about trying to resolve this situation, that soldier needs to be unconditionally released. as soon as possible. >> hamas says it's not aware of the soldier's capture. the three-day cease-fire was intended to pave the way for more sustainable truce. demonstrators in the north bay will hold a rally to protest the conflict in gaza, organized by the north coast coalition of palestine. demonstrators say they're opposed to the israeli invasion of gaza. today's rally will be held at 1:00 p.m. in santa rosa. for the first time in history, a patient with the ebola virus will be treated on u.s. soil. dr. kent brantley, one of the two american missionaries infected with ebola, has arrived from africa on a plane with an
8:34 am
airtight isolation pod. the outbreak in liberia has forced soldiers to patrol the streets to prevent panic caused by the disease. here's abc news reporter marcie gonzales. >> the worst ebola outbreak in history now said to be spreading faster than ever to contain it doctors without borders calling the situation out of control. the director of the world health organization meeting with presidents of the impacted countries in west africa warning them if the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic. >> unfortunately, these countries don't have the infrastructure to handle the response. >> experts with the cdc now working with officials in guinea, sierra leone and liberia to keep ebola from spreading. and here in the u.s., doctors are on alert. >> we screen all people with high fevers and now we're asking, have you been to west africa. have you been in africa? have you been traveling anywhere near that region? >> this hospital in atlanta is now preparing to treat the first
8:35 am
ebola patients ever in the u.s. american health care workers nancy whitebull and dr. kent brantley, both gravely sick with the virus, will be flown from liberia individually on a special jet with an airtight isolation tent like this. both heading here to emory university hospital, which has a especially contained area for patients with infectious diseases. >> we have the environment and expertise to safely care for these patients and offer them the maximum opportunity for recovery from these infections. >> meanwhile, another american who was treating ebola patients alongside brantley and whitebull is back home in tennessee. quarantined in his home as precaution. >> i'm feeling well now, and i've had no fever or symptoms of illness since my return. >> the director of the cdc says he is confident ebola will not spread here in the u.s. marcie gonzales, abc news, new york. happening today, contra costa health services is throwing a community baby shower
8:36 am
to help pregnant african-american women in need. organizers say the event will provide health and parenting information, and connect women with pre-natal services. food, clothing and toys will also be available to those who attend. today's baby shower takes place from 9:00 to 3:00 at grace bible fellowship of antioch on oakley road. a new state bill looks to provide low-income parents with diapers. the "sacramento bee" reports if passed, assembly bill 1516 would make california the first state in the country to create a diaper assistance program for families on welfare. the bill would provide $80 month for diapers to each family that qualifies for welfare with a child under the age of two. a heads up for anyone shopping for health insurance through cover california this weekend. the enrollment section of the health exchange website will be down for scheduled maintenance. officials say the maintenance only affects the enrollment portal and consumers can still use the shop and compare tool to look at health plans.
8:37 am
scheduled maintenance runs from 6:00 tonight to 6:00 a.m. monday. san jose police are asking for help locating a man they call the midtown buccaneer. police released a surveillance video showing a man robbing a gas station on tuesday, he enters the store, pulls out an m-1 assault rifle with a high-capacity magazine and aims it at the clerk, demands cash and forces the clerk to lie on the ground. the midtown buccaneer was last seen wearing a black beanie cap, gray shirt, black jacket and black shorts if you recognize him, call police immediately. the husband of a woman who was killed in bank robbery and shoot-out in stockton says he gets angry when he thinks about what happened. 41-year-old misty singh was tak tak taken hostage by two bank robbers. two suspects were killed, but the third suspect survived by using singh as a human shield. her husband still trying to make sense of what happened. >> there's shock and sadness and
8:38 am
anger. and i'm sort of still milling through this. of course there's times where i'm just angry and you know, why, why this happened. why isn't she here. you know, and then there's times where you know, you wake up and you're still in shock. you look over to the side of the bed and she's not there. >> singh was buried on monday. a $50,000 reward is being offered to find a person police say dropped off the suspects at the bank. the former fbi agent who led the team that captured one of the most notorious terrorists in u.s. history talked to abc7 news about his new book "unabomber" detailing the hunt and capture of ted kaczynski. the fbi dubbed the case unabomber. kaczynski killed three people and hurt 23 others before jim freeman's team tracked him to a remote cabin in montana.
8:39 am
>> i had fbi agent right up to the day before they arrested him, saying they cannot believe this her mitt, living in a 10 x 12 cabin with no means of transportation other than a bicycle, with no electrical power, no running water, how in the world could this person be the unabomber. >> freeman will be talking about the case and terrorism in america, at the book passage in courto madiera tonight at 7:00. still ahead, why san francisco work crews paved over a road in the castro, and then went back and destroyed it. and it's 8:39, a live look outside this is the view from our emeryville camera an awfully gray start to the day. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes.
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8:41 am
a coast guard ice-breaking ship
8:42 am
has arrived at mayor island to undergo repairs. the "polar star" is sitting in dry dock in vallejo. back in the may, the ship yard won a $5.1 million contract from the coast guard to do the work. the "polar star" is about 400 feet long. it can break through ice up to 21 feet thick. to clear pathways for supply ships and help with rescue missions. the boat launch is back open at the santa cruz harbor this morning. this, after volunteers scooped up thousands of dead anchovies from the water. but there is still clean-up that needs to be done, so the harbor master says the hand launch facilities will be closed through the weekend, and no paddleboarding will be allowed. because employees are focused on cleaning the water, they won't be able to run the shut toll remote parking areas. too bad it sounds like a decent beach day. >> and you know, the sea surface temperatures have been warming, in the 60s, they're coming down a little bit. so who knows. but you know, we are looking at
8:43 am
the sunshine, becoming revealed here in south san francisco, sfo, where temperatures are near 60 degrees. it's been pretty mild the past couple of days, we'll talk about whether or not that continues. and the heat that's been so oppressive inland, that's all coming up. also next, the new look a's play their first game after the cespedes trade and struggle at the plate against the royals, the plate against the royals, larry beale has the details llionsand for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and
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or liver problems.r insuliny increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. cause yule observer, castro street with all of its construction looks like a disaster zone. shop owners and residents are starting to wonder why the work is taking so long and why crews keep tearing up the street. an abc7 news viewer just like you asked us to check it out. abc7 news reporter vic lee got some answers. the construction in the heart of castro street is massive. >> it created a huge traffic bottleneck. >> a i mid the jack hammers, cars inching along this popular corridor which is now cordoned
8:46 am
off into one lane of traffic. barbara demis lives on castro street. >> it's not under construction. castro used to be a much wider street. >> with the sidewalks widened, the street is narrower. the sidewalk project started in march. it meant tearing up not only the sidewalk, but the street. the work continued for about four months. the public works department launched a vigorous outreach campaign to alert those here about the work and the possible inconveniences. but the inevitable happened to merchants. this man own as grocery store on castro street. >> it affected business. like 30% to 40% down. >> public works stopped construction and repaved the street to accommodate the pride celebration the last week of june. >> paved the street, as soon as they paved it three weeks later, they're digging it up. >> the city is tearing up the street again to put in these cast-iron water pipes. this man who lives on street and others wonders why the work
8:47 am
wasn't done at one time to lessen the impact on merchants, and save taxpayer money. public works spokesperson rachel gordon. >> we had to see lou we could do it and the best timeline that would be the least inconvenient to the people who live and work in that neighborhood. >> that means doing the work in two phases, widening the sidewalks before pride week and then the sauer project and the rest of the beautification project until now until october. all that before the castro street fair, the rainy season and the holiday moratorium on construction, which starts thanksgiving. vic lee, abc7 news. let's talk about the weather. this view kind of speaks for itself. we still can't see the top of the bridge. >> it's been like that all morning long. beginning to see brighter skies in the south bay, north bay is socked in up to sonoma county and a real look at the low clouds and fog cozying up to the shoreline. once again the afternoon, the sea breeze picks up a little bit
8:48 am
and we're looking at high and mid-level clouds to not only give us a feature. if you're traveling, you'll notice the cumulus clouds will be up over the mountains. here, stable air as you look at the marine layer from our east bay hills camera due to high pressure, it is weakening a little bit. 63 in gilroy, good morning, half moon bay, foggy for you at 55, 56 in the city. low 60s san jose, getting brighter there from our tower camera you can see the fog blowing by the camera here, kind of obscured view. but from time to time, we are looking at a partial city view. 59 in novato, 5 a, santa rosa, low 60s with sun for new concord and livermore. livermore airport yesterday was 102 degrees. today, hoping to bring the temperatures down about five degrees, exploratorium camera, pretty gray out there it's been foggy all along the coast.
8:49 am
and through our local waterways around the bridges, be careful if you're headed out. next hour we're getting into quicker clearing and inland over the weekend, we'll be cooler. tomorrow will be the coolest day, over the next several days, into the first week of august, minor ups and downs. a big dome of high pressure that's been with us for much of the summer bringing some of the subtropical moisture, continues today to bring the heat to most of california. for the bay area, it eases up a little bit. the reason being, an area of low pressure that's going to drop down to the south. further cooling by enhancing our onshore push. especially tomorrow. 102 in sacramento. we've had some misty skies in yosemite. chance of a thunderstorm with 101 there. and los angeles, plenty of cloud cover with the possibility of thunderstorms here in the mountains. maybe even up towards mount shasta as well. in our little corner of the world to enjoy the microclimates, the beautiful weather and a few high clouds
8:50 am
today. 82 in vallejo. 75 in oakland. 101 up in lake port. so pretty warm up to the north, partly cloudy in the city. 66. 54, half moon bay with 81 in palo alto. so if you are spending time in east bay today, for the a's game it will be about 70 degrees, at 1:00, getting breezy in the afternoon. a beautiful day. tomorrow on the peninsula, it's cooler, just low to mid 70s. the tour de peninsula, which creates some real traffic troubles. but the seven-day forecast shows today the warmest day of the week with mid 80s around the bay, upper 80s inland. we'll lose a lot of the heat inland. the trend continues on monday. by tuesday and wednesday, a little bit warmer. but we shouldn't get anything too out of control, although it's so dry. we're just kind of getting to our hottest time of the year now. so be careful. >> thank you, lisa. in sports this afternoon. jon lester makes his first start for the a's against the royals,
8:51 am
after being acquired in thursday's trade with the red sox. that sent yoenis cespedes to boston. first pitch at the coliseum, 1:05. the a's will be trying to rebound from last night's loss to kansas city. here's abc7 news sports director larry beale with highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody, one game is admittedly a very small sample. but this was the concern over trading yoenis cespedes. one night after dealing away their slugger, the a's were shut out by kansas city. not even iron man could save the a's against the royals. gray went seven innings, brand brandon moss out in left field, nice play to rob michael stackis back-hand grab, that's spectacular. gray had won his last six decisions, made one mistake and ibanez, solo homer, only run of the entire night. 1-0, that would be the final. jeremy guthrie shut down the a's, who are now one game ahead of the angels in the west.
8:52 am
jon lester arrived in town coming from boston. lester will make his a's debut, he's ready to jump into the playoff race with the green and gold. >> i've got to see a few of these guys from the other side, pitching against us in the past. and done really well. obviously their numbers speak for themselves. hopefully i can fill my spot, do my job and get some innings and give these guys a chance to swing the bats and score some runs. >> giants fans enjoying city field. giants and mets, brian vogelsong had his best outing of the year. a nine-inning complete game. a two hitter struck out five. in the seventh, 4-0 giants, and the rookie, duffy called up, his first hit and rbi in his debut in the bigs, driving in hunter pence and dad recording every second of it. giants are two and a half back of the dodgers who lost. warriors steph curry and klay
8:53 am
thompson are trying out for team usa. scrimmage in las vegas. derek rose, missed last two years with knee injuries, he looked fantastic. klay thompson one-on-one with steph here. and oakland native damian lilla lillard. 3/4 court to beat the buzzer. george hustling back on defense in the fourth, will land awkwardly against the stanchen. we're not going to show the replay, because it's too gruesome. they decided to stop the scrimmage. george looking at serious surgery. probably will miss next season. bank of the west, quarterfinals, serena williams and anna evan very much williams would respond in the second set, forehand winner down the line. we go to the third and it's
8:54 am
serena who advances to the semifinals here. match point, she was feeling it. 2-6, 6-3, and 7-5. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beale. next, saving injured or orphaned bobcats in santa clara county. the innovative technique rescuers are using so the cats can be released back into the wild
8:55 am
8:56 am
here's the winning numbers from last night's $87 million megamoips draw, 13, 29, 34, 37, 72 and the meganumber 6 and nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $100 million. new this morning, a santa clara county facility has found a unique way to rehabilitate injured or orphaned bobcats, officials say the ongoing drought has put the animals closer to communities searching for food. volunteers have been rescuing
8:57 am
those wandering felines. when they do it they dress in a bobcat costume scented with bobcat urine as an anti-imprinting technique to minimize human contact with the animals, officials say they came up up with the costume idea so when the bobcats are released back into the wild, they don't associate food with humans and go up to the first person they see. the facility has rescued more than 40 bobcats over 20 years. sweet little ones and weatherwise. >> we've got this. we're going to spread the sun around, tons of things going on passing around the bay area today. the fremont festival, the art, fog and the city petaluma having a festival as well as the solano county fair. so 66 and partly cloudy in the city later on today. and also around the bay, 80s in the south bay, upper 90s for the inland and east bay.
8:58 am
cooler than yesterday. so the heat we've been experiencing in the valleys losing the grip with a few degrees cooler today and another five degrees of cooling tomorrow. the coolest day should be monday. >> it sounds like sweet relief. thank you, lisa. and thank you for joining us on the abc7 news saturday morning news. the news continues now, online, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our new abc7 news news app. abc7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. in the meantime. have a great day.
8:59 am
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